Analysis of Learners’ Perception of the Pedagogical Usefulness of Messenger as a Call Application


  • Eleazar Morales-Vázquez
  • Andrés Arias de la Cruz


The purpose of this study is to analyze students’ perceptions of the pedagogical usefulness of messenger as a Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) application in second language learning. Our analysis will be presented as follows: first, a discussion of the pedagogical usefulness of CMC in L2 learning; second, an analysis of how our findings are similar or different to previous researches on Computer Mediated Communication (CMC); finally, the benefits and limitations of CMC in reference to other CALL applications.

Biografía del autor/a

Eleazar Morales-Vázquez

Maestro en la Enseñanza del Idioma Inglés

Andrés Arias de la Cruz

Maestro en la Enseñanza del Idioma Inglés


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